Alpine Renault 210 (1966)


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THE Alpine is a small car of almost unbelievable performance. With Rena ult backing it can be regarded as one of the major contenders at Le Mans, and though it lacks the sheer size to attempt outright victory, it must be regarded as first favourite for the Indice, which gains equal money and almost as much publicity.

The multi-tubular chassis frame is sprung on heIioal springs all round, the geometry being largely "grand prix" though the usual long rear radius arms cannot be accommodated in a full-width two-seater. The engine was designed by Amedee Gord'ini and is typical of the work of Le Sorcier. The twin chaindriven overhead camshafts do not operate directly above the valves but are offset. They work through rocking fingers, which has long been a Gordini design feature. Two horizontal twin choke Weber carburetters feed directly into the ports of the light-alloy cylinder head.

With dimensions of 75.7 X 72 mm (1296 cc) the Renault-Gordini engine develops 125 bhp at 7000 rpm. It is coupled to a Porsche five~speed gearbox, though some cars have been built with the Hewland, and both boxes may be used at Le Mans. The general arrangement is almost standard among competition cars, with the engine behind .the driver and ahead of the rear wheels. The fuel tanks are carried along each side of the body low down, and the spare wheel is horizontal in the nose, beh!ind the radiator. Naturally, the brakes are discs, mounted on the hubs all round.

The greatest secret of the car's success is the aerodynamic bodywork by M. Hubert. This has a highly refined shape wi~h two smalll tail fins, and it allows the car to exceed 150 mph without directional instability or a tendency to lillt. The Alpine, as an all French effort, will be carrying the good wishes and fervent prayers of most of the spectators at Le Mans.

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