James Hunt and the Spoils of Victory 1976
Race Victor savaging a local maiden 1965 to Stewart's shock (g.Hill Watkins Glen)
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When it gets a bit boring - a drivers thoughts turn to winning '67 Surtees
Hunt with

Penthouse Pet of the Year '77

Ricky Rudd Wife and local Beauty Queen
Hulme and Revson with spoils of victory a Beauty Queen '69
McLaren and Andrietti with spoils of victory

a Beauty Queen '67 Sebring

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Jim Hurtubise surrounded by Beauty Queens '66 Atlanta

Clark and Hill US GP

Henri Toivonen 1986 winner of the Monte Carlo Rally

Bandini wins '67 Daytona

Moss still enjoying the spoils of winning

Ascari won 12 GP in 1952 in a 2 litre Ferrari 500

may be it was to kiss some pretty girls

Shelby won Le Mans 1959 in a Aston here he is with Miss Europe

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