Post 1945 Drivers

John Watson


written 1976

Everyone was delighted when John Watson won the Austrian Grand Prix, even his greatest rivals. The Ulsterman has been hovering on the brink of major success for years, yet has suffered one set­back after another. When, after years of bitter struggling, Watson was chosen to lead the

Penske team, one expected Watson to come good.

Watson drove hard all year. At first his Penskes were not up to the job of winning, but gradually they became increasingly competitive-and then came the sweet smell of success at Osterreich­ring. Sadly, following another excellent drive at Zandvoort, the fuel dramas at Monza appeared to precipitate a decline in the Penske team's fortunes. It was hardly surprising that after Penske cancelled their 1977 Formula 1 plans it was only a matter of hours before Watson was signed-up by another team.
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Author: ArchitectPage