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Clay RegazzoniUK


written 1976

True to form, Clay Regazzoni was as controversial as ever in 1976. The first-lap shunt he initiated at Brands Hatch, his dangerous "chop" which almost caused Carlos Pace to crash at Mosport and his blatant baulking were all pure Regazzoni.

But, for all his faults, the man can be positively brilliant! His performance at Long Beach when he dominated the United States Grand Prix West was a revelation: pole position, a start-to-finish victory, fastest lap. Incredible! His demon starts put World Champions to shame. . . . His gritty drive into second place at Zandvoort was excellent, and he led the Ferrari challenge at Monza magnificently, despite knowing he was going to get the sack at the end of the season.

Despite his faults, Regazzoni has a tremendous following. It would be sad to see him out in the cold in 1977.

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