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May 19 2020
So here we are in a totally shagged up world:

The moron governments have thrown the world economy in the bin. A deliberate act of destruction which most people will be frightened by but just read what to do from your favourite pundit(s).

Motor racing is acting in its usual fashion of not caring what fans want and just try and make as money as it can. Silverstone is set to run 2 f1 races on 2 consecutive weekends but no fans!!!!

First no fan race is in Austria followed by a second F1 at the same circuit.

Hockenheim looking to stand in for Silverstone.

Le Mans has been moved to later in the year. Sept 19-20 at present.

First WEC most likely Spa 6hrs Aug 25th, then LM then Bahraim 8hr

All this for a few overweight or already ill people .....