MG XPower SV


At the 2003 British International Motor Show in Birmingham, MG revealed their new high performance sports car under the designation MG XPower SV. The car on show was the MG XPower SV Club Sport spec, in this case, powered by a special 465 bhp Sean Hyland tuned 5.0-litre quad-cam V8 engine. Engines with much higher stages of tune, even with factory approved nitrous oxide injection kits, will be available to produce extreme power outputs. MG predicts that the MG XPower SV will become the icon of the MG brand with its capacity for both road and track exploitation.

Following the development of the original X80 concept, the MG has evolved radically, becoming lighter and more powerful. All body panels are made from lightweight carbon fiber. The flat underfloor and inbuilt front and rear diffusers manage the aerodynamic airflow for high-speed stability.

Author: ArchitectPage

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