Raymond Loewy


 MOST of THE changes made by Raymond Loewy's re-styling of the XKE are readily apparent in the accompanying photos. The nose was shortened approximately ten inches to reduce overhang and make the car easier for the driver to maneuver, especially during parking. The nose bob led to a grille that is approximately five times, greater in area than the original, which should be good for engine cooling, and a front air-in take-scoop was added to the center of the hood.

The rear of the body was also shortened and the Loewy XKE has an overall length of about 160 in., roughly 15 in. less than the original. The new rear body structure includes side windows that are longer and larger as well as distinctively different in shape. The rear window is also about 25 % larger in area, another aid to better vision.

The wheel wells have been enlarged for improved brake and tire cooling and the involute curve of the wheel wells is distinctive. Quartz iodine headlights are used and a supplemental red light activated by the brake pedal is located inside the rear window. At the rear, in addition to a quick release racing type filler cap, round taillights from the Corvair have been substituted for the originals.

The engine and running gear of the Loewy Jaguar remain standard (except for a few additional chromed pieces on the engine) as does the interior. The modifications to the car were carried out under Mr. Loewy's direction by the Sens, France coachbuilding firm of Pinchon-Parat

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Ed Note: Loewy was a good designer but this and the BMW show he should have stuck with coke bottles not cars - this is truely awful....