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BRIAN LISTER (Light Engineering Ltd., Abbey Road,

Cambridge, England), offers an improved version of an already excellent sports-racing car for 1958. It is available in three versions: with Jaguar engine,_ Chevrolet V-8 engine or without an engine for those who would prefer to install something different.

Many detail changes were incorporated in the new car, but the most important were the enlargement of the Girling disc brakes (from 11 inches at front and 10 inches at rear to 12 inches all around) and a redesigned body.

Frontal area has been reduced by some 10% and now measures approximately 11.5 square feet, which is as low as that of most British 1100-cc cars. The overall body thickness has been reduced by 3 inches, and the height to the cowl and headrest is 27 and 39 inches, respectively. A roll-over structure" is incorporated into the headrest.

These changes in body design, coupled with a slight weight reduction and horsepower increases, should make the car capabl~ of nearly 200 miles per hour (with the proper gearip.g, of course.), according to the manufacturer.

The new tail qesign, in addition to aiding aerodynamics, also increases the fuel storage space. The 45-gallon fuel tank is located in the top area of the tail section, and the spare tire is mounted below the tank. The battery is mounted low in the tail, to the right of the spare wheel.

The Lister organization handles the design and construction of the chassis and the assembly of all the components, but the body panelwork is left to the capable firm of Williams and Pritchard Ltd., of Edmonton. Some of the Lister bodies are aluminum and some are magnesium alloy. No price difference is given for the two, but it can safely be assumed that the magnesium body- will be more costly.

An indication of the popularity of and respect for the Lister-Jaguar is the order placed for one of the new cars by David Murray-"Le Patron" of the world-famous Ecurie Ecosse racing team (twice winners of the Le Mans 24-hour race in D-type Jaguars). It is expected that Archie Scott-Brown, who has done so well for Lister in the past, will drive for Ecurie Ecosse in certain events.

Three U.S. representatives have been established so far. Tom Carstens, of Seattle, will represent the states of Washington and Oregon and Northern California. Carroll Shelby of Dallas represents the balance of the area west of the Mississippi and Auto Engineering, Inc., Lexington, Mass., represents the Eastern seaboard. All have cars on order, and they are eagerly awaited by U.S. motoring enthusiasts.

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Lister '57

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