Untidy, yes. Inconsistent, possibly. One of the revelations of 1976 was the performance of Jacques Laffite in the Matra V12-engined Ligier. Some might put his results down to the engine, but Laffite really performed well and possibly even deserved a Grand Prix win.
Laffite, a past European Formula 2 Champion, first showed his talent to Grand Prix followers at the wheel of Frank Williams' uncompetitive machinery in 1974 and 1975. He certainly deserved to be given a car of more potential and, as was seen last season, when he got it he made full use of it.
The Ligier team could be well worth watching in 1977. There is more potential in both Laffite and the Matra V12.

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Post 1945 Drivers

Jacques Laffite


written 1976