Post 1945 Drivers

Italy died June 1966

Giuseppe Farina

ONE of Italy's greatest racing drivers in the immediate post-war era, Dr. Giuseppe ("Nino") Farina was killed near Chambery, France, on June 30 1966 when his private car left the road and struck two telephone poles. Farina won the first World Drivers' Championship in 1950, driving a Type 158 I t-litre supercharged Alfa Romeo, his victories that year including the comĀ­bined British and European G.P. at Silverstone.

He began his career as a forcing young inĀ­dependent, his first win being with a 1,500 c.c. Maserati at Brno, Czechoslovakia in 1934. He joined the Alfa Romeo team in 1936 alongside Tazio Nuvolari, from whose vast experience he benefit~ immeasurably. He continued driving

Alfas until the end of 1946, therl followed a spell with Maseratis and Ferraris until he rejoined Alfa in 1950 and became World Champion. He joined the Ferrari team in 1952, and his last season was 1954, two bad. crashes in sports Ferraris finally ending his career in 1955.Fiery and determined at the wheel, Farina was renowned as a stylist, his outstretched-arms stance being the model for many later racing drivers. His motor racing career was punctuated by several unfortunate accidents; outside it he was a doctor of engineering, with interests at one time in Stabilimenti Farina, the body-making concern operating at the same time as Pinin Farina, to whom "Nino" was related.

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