Best Ten Post 1945 Drivers:

1. Moss - all the drivers of his time knew he was the best

2. Jim Clark after Moss went he was the best driving anything in any weather

3. Mario Andrietti he won races in crap cars, won indy, won in Le Mans cars and was world champion in F1 nobody did more

4. Fangio although often regarded as the greatest he was often out performed in sports cars - he always wanted to see the front wheels

5. Emerson Fittipaldi was the best in formula one and went on to be fantastic in Indy cars

6. Senna the best ever driver always the fastest but did not race enough different cars

7. Prost a capable brain and brilliant driver

8. Surtees won on bikes world champion won sports car races won in Can Am

9. Phil Hill not just world champion but the best sports car driver of all time

10. Graham Hill world champion F1, won Le Mans, won Indy 500

Most Over Rated Five Post 1945 Drivers:

1. Michael Schumaker - won all those championships because of Ross Brawn and not allowing any team driver to get close. Was not that good in sports cars and made horrendous errors driving and also crashed (or tried to) other contenders (Hill, Villeneuve) his selfishness ruined Barrichello and Eddie Irvine chances of greatness and now can't beat his team mate

2. Alonso two championships and then slower than a team mate who hadn’t sat in a F1 car shows how much it was down to his car

3. Berger

4. Brabham won three World Championships first two because the car was so much better than others (central engine others front engine) the third was the repco engine worked when the the other engines were unreliable in the first year of the new 3 litre formula

5 Lauda

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The BBC Best Drivers List

1 not announced

2 not announced

3 Jim Clark

4 Michael Schmacher

5 Alain Prost

6 Stirling Moss

7 Jackie Stewart

8 Sebastian Vettel

9 Niki Lauda

10 Fernando Alonso

11 Alberto Ascari

12 Giles Villeneuve

13 Nigel Mansell

14 Mika Hakkinen

15 Lewis Hamilton

16 Nelson Piquet

17 Emerson Fittipaldi

18 Jack Brabham

19 Graham Hill

20 Jochen Rindt