Post 1945 Drivers

Giacomo Agostini


retired from motor racing after driving his own Williams and McLaren cars:

Perhaps the best rider of all time, Giacomo Agostini tried to emulate the success of other famous bike-to-auto converts such as John Surtees and Mike Hailwood. More recent converts include Johnny Cecotto who successfully made it into GP racing in the 1980s. Eddie Lawson and Wayne Gardner also tried their luck on four wheels while Damon Hill started his career on two wheels. However, Damon was never a star on the international scene but would forge a much more successful career on four wheels.

After a superb career in Motor Cycles mainly piloting an MV Agusta he tried owning his own car team:

He felt that the British Aurora F1 championship would offer a chance for him to revive his reputation. 'Ago' took the plunge and would also run his own team as a result, acquiring a couple of '78 model Williams FW06s from Frank Williams. No doubt, thanks to his fame he was able to secure high-profile Marlboro sponsorship for his new challenge. But none of these cars were of the now crucial 'wing-car' design. Meanwhile, his main opponent Emilio de Villota had acquired a Type 78 from Team Lotus and it would prove to be a tough nut to crack for 'Ago'. Apart from driving himself and managing the team he also had other drivers in his team. 'Gimax', Lella Lombardi, Marco Micangeli and Guido Pardini all pedalled FW06s for Team Agostini.

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