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I bet when you saw this car you thought it was a Dodge Charger

but like me you got it wrong :-

it is a Plymouth Road Runner Superbird - 2000 specifically built for Richard Petty so he could race it in NASCAR.

Richard Petty wrote automobile history as a factory racer for Plymouth in the NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Racing). All his cars were painted "Petty Blue" and always had the start number 43. He won no less than 27 races with his Plymouth Belvedere in 1967. That same year he gained the title of Grand National Champion for the second time.

Plymouth presented the Road Runner, a two-door car which could be delivered as coupe or as cabriolet, in 1968. The automobile weighed almost 3750 pounds and was powered by a 6.3-literV8 engine which even in its standard version produced 340 SAE horsepower at 5200 rpm. This was like a toy engine, of course, for a man like Petty, but the ordinary customer could choose "heavier" equipment. The Road Runner was also available with a 7.2-liter V8 with 380 SAE horsepower at 4600 rpm or a 7.0-liter with 431 SAE horsepower at 5000 rpm. In the latter case, the heavy vehicle would reach a top speed of approximately 155 mph. The coachwork of the car was plain with heavy bumpers and beautiful hubcaps. However, the simple drum brakes were not adapted to the enormous performance.

Car races in America played an important role in the battle between the great brand names. In 1968, Petty wanted Plymouth to improve the aerodynamics of the Belvedere. The vehicles of the competition were already looking like worthy racecars. These included the Dodge Charger Daytona, a coupe with an enormous wing above the trunk lid and a long plastic nose. The automobile looked bizarre, but it could go very fast. Bobby Isaac won a few races in it and Buddy Baker improved on the record on the Alabama International Speedway track. He made his laps with a speed of around 200 mph. Ford too improved its models for the circuit and Petty signed a contract with them for one season but came back for the Road Runner.

PETTY DID NOT WIN 1970 CHAMPIONSHIP (Bobby Isaac in a Dodge won) but he did win 18 races in his 200 plus mph car

Author: ArchitectPage