A new range of Elva sports cars, with all-independent suspension, was announced before the Motor Show. In open or GT hardtop form, the T-series feature independent rear suspension, larger brake discs at the front, and a modified and strengthened box-section chassis.

The new fully independent rear suspension designed by Trojan and christened "Tru-Trak" is by unequal-length wish­bones and coil spring damper unites. Slip-jointed drive shafts allow the wheels to remain in track during camber changes and the differential is rubber-insulated from the ladder­type frame. Front disc brakes have been increased in diameter to 10.5in, and the front suspension, independent by unequal length wishbones and coil-spring dampers, strengthened to cope with the greater braking forces.

In common with the S-types, which remain in production, the T-types are offered with the Ford 1500 cc GT engine, developing 78 bhp net, or the MGB engine developing 94 bhp net. Versions using the Ford engine are available in com­ponent form, and various stages of tune are offered.

All models employ glass-fibre bodies bolted and bonded to the chassis frame. Various improvements include better forward visibility, more cockpit space and better ventilation.

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